Pneumatic Systems- The Machines That Make It Up For Use

Pneumatic Systems- The Machines That Make It Up For Use

In this world, there two types of beings that you can find in abundance all around you- living beings and non- living beings. Naturally, living beings are the ones that have life in them and have the capability to think and act as they want to whereas non-living things are merely lifeless objects.

But it is these very objects that living beings, particularly humans, become dependent on for their entire life and cannot hope to exist without it in current times. Some of them are smartphones, stationeries, cosmetics, gadgets, etc. to name a few.

It is no secret that machines have played an important role in making the lives of people simpler and easier than what they once were. It is so because machines have the ability of performing different tasks, sometimes bordering on superhuman, that is practically impossible to perform humanly.

It is interesting to note here that all these machines that we have come across since time immemorial are nothing but human inventions. But over the centuries, mankind has come to rely on its own inventions which are, in a way, nothing to be astonished about as they are nothing more than an extension of the personality of their inventors.

They serve as living proof of being the outcome of the hard work and dedication of their masters and it is through them that the gadgets came into being.

So today, we are going to talk about one of them and they are called pneumatic systems. Whenever anyone starts on a new topic to talk and discuss about, they do an extensive research of it online and also consult friends and acquaintances who have knowledge about it.

However, in the case of pneumatics, the subject itself is so diverse and varied than one and even two or three articles will not be enough to cover everything in its entirety.

Pneumatic System- Definition

In simple words, pneumatic system is defined as that engineering branch which helps in producing, transmitting and controlling energy with the help of compressed air. It has been found that the study of pneumatics relies entirely on a regular supply of air that is pressurized in order to make it compressed, which eventually helps it to work properly.

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Compressed Air

The air is said to be compressed when it is kept under pressure that is so profound that it does not allow it to escape from its container. In fact, the pressure has to be so powerful that it should even surpass atmospheric pressure in magnitude.

Compressed air is extremely important as it acts as a medium for transmitting energy in the industrial workspace. The best people who can tell you more about it and the ones you can have easy access to are swimmers.

It is so because they are expert divers and spend most of their time underwater. Everyone is aware that it is compressed air that helps in breathing freely under water for hours together as you need to carry a diving cylinder of immense pressure. Also it is also used by the fire brigade for putting out fire, mine and industrial people who are living in dire straits and have very limited resources to bank on.

Compressor is a powerful machine that can turn normal air into compressed air, so firm that it can squeeze around 10-15 psi of atmospheric pressure at one time.  It has also been found out in a recent European survey that its countries consume nearly 15% of electricity for the sole purpose of producing air that is compressed in nature.

Pneumatic Tubes- How They Can Be Used

It was in the 19th century that there came a very unique technology called blowpipe that became a well known device for sending and receiving messages from one place to another. 

Normally, blowpipes are associated with target practice and also by hunters to shoot and capture unsuspecting preys but these are completely different from their more dangerous counterpart as reports are sent through longer pipes and linked to massive buildings.

Pneumatic tubes are reliable, fast in speed, simple and help in transporting small objects from one place to another, normally covering relatively large distances in a short span of time.

Use of Pneumatics

Once you join in all the basic chemical components and compounds together, it will prove its worth by using various kinds of machines to complete different tasks simultaneously and within time.

You must have seen that in industries, the machines are spread out everywhere due to their enormous size and they have a complicated application of the pneumatic system. They are used for picking up and placing different objects from their residing place or ground with the help of suction tubes and are squeezed softly before release.

The pneumatic machines are not only for transporting objects but are so versatile in nature that they are used by hospitals, blood banks, restaurants, jewelry shops, etc. to move and remove things easily in a secure manner through an established air tube network from one place to another.

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Pneumatic System- Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The most important of all advantages is that it is highly effective in nature due to the air having an inexhaustible supply of oxygen from the surroundings that is used for producing compressed air. The storage factor is no problem and the air is not confined to limited distance.
  • They are extremely reliable due to the durability factor and cannot be damaged by simple means. In such cases, they are far better than electromagnetic components.
  • The design is so simple that it can be used by automatic controllers and the movement is linear as well
  • Pneumatics are a safer bet than automotive system and can be worked under places that are highly inflammable, thereby allowing no scope for damage due to fire or explosion
  • They are highly versatile and can adapt to environments whose climactic conditions are quite harsh and rough


  • It has a grave problem of noise pollution when the compressed air is released from the system
  • The speed is quite unpredictable due to compressed air and fluctuates from time to time which results in greater scope for mishap
  • The cylinders used for pneumatics are quite small in size so it cannot lift extremely heavy objects
  • Before being put up for use, compressed air has to be processed and analyzed so that it can detect dusty particles and water vapor. If not done properly, the friction from the atmosphere will result in the components being worn off.

Machines Used by Pneumatic Systems:

  • The first that comes to mind is the compressor that is used for compressing pressurized air
  • It has a number of valves called pneumatic tubes that are remarkable in performance input, with festo usa being a leading brand
  • Air brakes for moving vehicles that has a brake system of compressed air that is used for applying pressure to the break pad in any vehicle to make it stop
  • Air engines, or pneumatic motors, are for powered vehicles that performs mechanically well by expanding compressed air
  • Dental drill is a mechanical tool used by dentists for dental procedures such as removing decay, clean up fillings and removing teeth for altering prosthesis such as retainers.