Promotional Gift Products Buyer’s Tips which can help you a lot!

Promotional Gift Products Buyer’s Tips which can help you a lot!

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The challenge here is to narrow your choices down to just a few because there are so many different types of promotional gifts to chose from. Depending on the size of your logo or message, anything can be suitable to use as a promotional gift item. Just be sure you chose something your target market finds specifically useful to their interest. Lets take a look at the plus and minuses of a few broad categories.

Food Gifts – Could include gums, candy, fruit baskets, coffee and many more.

Plus: These items are appreciated by a wide group of people and can be found in a wide range of prices. Therefore, you have the potential to please the masses in a very budget conscious manner.

Minus: Perishable risk. This limits the duration of your advertisement, as you must distribute these items within their mandated shelf life. Also, some people have certain food allergens.

Utility Gifts – Tote bags, pencils, coffee mugs, calendars, etc.

Plus: Staying power for your brand. These promotional gifts have fairly lengthy life spans so your message will be in the users mind over a period of time. Giving your offer a better chance to be presented multiple times without being perceived as pushy, yet being on the spot when a need arises. Everyone uses these items.

Minus: Potential of being shared with others aside from the decision maker. Thus being used outside your target audience.

Office Gifts – Picture frames, adhesive notes, USB flash drives, things which have a major probability of being for a specific use at the office.

Plus: There are many promotional gift products in this category that are very cost effective. Many cost less than one dollar. These items will be taken into your customers’ office space. Exactly where you want your message and brand name to be as often as possible – in your customers’ decision-making environment.

Minus: Takes extra effort to stand out with these items when shooting low-end because this category is very popular among marketers. The high-end items in this category can be very expensive.

Clothing Gifts – The largest promotional gift product category is wearable. The most common item being the promotional logo branded t-shirt along with other popular items such as, golf shirts, caps, footwear, jackets, scarves, ties, and many, many more. Items in this category are used in roughly 30% of promotional gift product campaigns.

Plus: FREE repetitive advertising, high visibility of brand name and message, popularity of items, quality of wearable will project quality in your brand, great incentive gift item for employees.

Minus: Ordering just the right mix of assorted sizes can get challenging, quality in this category is costly (but well worth the image it garners), some items are only worn seasonally, and style trends change.

This is just a small sampling of the available choices when using promotional gift items as part of an integrated marketing effort. With careful selection and imagination you can set yourself apart in a major way. Whether it’s golf balls, translucent tape measurers, breath mints, or novelty toys – you will achieve maximum effectiveness and increased revenue by spending the time it takes to choose an item that your target audience will appreciate and get use from.

Using promotional gift products effectively will result in your company’s name being associated with an item related to a need in your target audience. For example, computer tech companies commonly use mouse pads with their contact numbers very prominent. It may not be original but it’s there when a need arises. Very effective customer retention. Automotive repair shops may use calendars which feature a preventative maintenance care tip each month. Seems like this would eliminate the customers’ repair needs but in fact, the use of this type of promotional gift item is going to effectively foster goodwill AND customer retention.

Just because this industry has a list of thousands of promotional gift items available, don’t limit your creativeness, because of your competitors which are  considered as Medical website design leader in their segment, just focus on your services. If you have a unique market specific idea for a promotional gift, don’t hesitate to ask, all great things are possible.

When it comes time to start using promotional gift items as part of your integrated marketing efforts, you don’t have to know exactly what you want – what’s more important is having some ideas and an understanding of what’s going to please your customer base and earn their appreciation.