Pros and Cons of Dieting Competition Reality Shows

Pros and Cons of Dieting Competition Reality Shows

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Dance You’re A** Off… Celebrity Fit Club… Money Hungry… All of these are reality shows targeted at people who hope to lose weight. These programs are quite different from one another. But in each one, the results remain the same. Lose weight; win a big prize. Those who are battling the bulge may find these kinds of reality shows to be very helpful.

But reality programs in general usually present all kinds of challenges. Are diet competition shows really as helpful to the obese as they would have the world believe? Gaining recognition and/or a hefty (bad pun intended) monetary prize doesn’t seem like a bad deal in exchange for losing unwanted pounds. There are indeed some definite pros and cons to participating in this type of reality show. This is why it is really important that you pay attention to your body at an early stage. Moreover, there are several options like CoolSculpting Arms & Skin Care in New Jersey that you can try to get in shape. These weight loss methods are completely safe and affordable and you can freeze fat of your body with that.

Power in Numbers

Pro- The camaraderie experienced on these reality shows is priceless. Living in a huge mansion with a group of people who all have the same weight loss goals can be quite rewarding. The competition itself helps participants stay focused and motivated.

Con – What happens after the show is over is an entirely different story. Some participants (whether they have won the competition or not) end up gaining the weight back after they return home. Once the adrenaline rush created by the cameras subsides, it can be very easy to slip back into old habits.

Encouraging Results

Pro- Since these reality shows are designed (with the aid of nutritionists and other medical specialists) to help people lose weight, the results are usually pretty fantastic. The competitions are filled with safeguards that help keep the reality show’s stars in check (while keeping the world entertained.) It’s much harder to cheat and sneak snacks when the cameras are rolling 24 hours a day.

Con — Some might agree that attaching a monetary reward to weight loss is sublime motivation. But others feel that weight loss goals should be born of a desire to remain healthy. Money is very easily spent; once the money is gone will the reality show participants still feel just as motivated to continue on with their new dietary and exercise regimens?

Help for the Masses

Pro- In a society where the overweight is often overlooked, reality shows focused on nutrition and weight loss are a welcome switch. Those watching at home are often encouraged by the shows to begin their own personal dietary challenge.

Con – But it is very easy to forget that reality shows are still deemed “entertainment.” This means that the editing process doesn’t always reveal the participants’ true struggles behind the scenes. Additionally, these reality shows often employ extreme measures to get the weight off within a certain period of time. Obviously, it is quite possible to lose a substantial amount of weight with an eight-week period. But this particular weight loss goal may not be right for the average consumer. Furthermore, dealing with the individual causes of obesity (on TV and in real life) is sometimes overlooked in favor of a “quick fix.” Reality shows do a great job of dressing up the process of losing weight. But in real life, some may find that the reward for doing so is a lot more enticing in TV Land.