Ranch House Plan Tips for Choosing Cabinets

Ranch House Plan Tips for Choosing Cabinets

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Cabinets and are an important feature in many rooms of your ranch style home. They are essential in the kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms, office areas, and craft areas of your home. As well as, any other room you find you need them in. You can go from antique to traditional, and elegant to traditional or functional. The choice is your when you plan your ranch house.

A ranch house does not have a second story, but may have a basement. Most of the time the living, dining and sleeping areas are all on the main level. These houses can be as small or large as you believe will be comfortable for your family. Many times the homes with a basement will have the laundry or utility room on the lower level. Many ranch house owners will also opt to put their office, den, or craft areas in the basement also.

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Below are a few tips to handle problems or repairs that may come up with cupboards, cabinets, and countertops in your home.

What to do when the shelf paper won’t come off.

To remove shelf paper that is stuck on, you need to dissolve the adhesive that is on the back. You will need to loosen a corner of the paper and spray very warm water under the shelf paper as you peel it up. Any residue that is left on the shelf can be removed with vegetable oil. If you are going to paint the shelf, make sure you wash it well with soap and water and rinse and dry well before you paint.

How to remedy a cabinet door that will not swing freely.

You can tighten the screws on the hinge to see if that helps. If you find the screw holes have become too large to give the screws a snug fit, you can add a small piece of wood to the screw hole and then replace the screws. This will make a tighter fit. You can also use longer screws in the hinges, providing the cupboard is thick enough to handle a longer length screw. If the screw holes are too badly worn you may want to change the position of the hinges

and fill the old screw holes with putty before you paint or finish the cupboards.

A cabinet door that is stuck or tends to stick.

If the drawer is stuck shut, you will need to take care not to break it. You can work the blade of a thin putty knife between the runner and the drawer. Carefully tap the drawer back in line. This should work and the drawer will pop back into place. Then you are free to remove the drawer and correct the problem that made it stick from the start. Be careful not to overload the drawer, as this can cause a problem and make the drawer stick.