SEO Analyzer – The Best Tool To Use To Audit Your SEO Performance In An Easy Way

SEO Analyzer – The Best Tool To Use To Audit Your SEO Performance In An Easy Way

Nowadays, having a website is an ordinary scheme for a lot of businesses. This is because people are now turning into different digital platforms when they need to look for the right product or service. Hence, content marketing has also changed. There are several things that content marketers utilize in order to boost the traffic on the website, attract more visitors and generate lead. However, since every business has its own website today, the competition has become fiercer and strict as well. As such, if you are a business and website owner, it is important to always put your best foot forward.

One of the best ways you could take advantage in the competition is by using an SEO Analyzer. This tool is a helpful tool for a website because it has several advanced features that allow your site to easily rankings.  Hence, this article will give you some tips on how you can easily use SEO analyzer for your website.

The first step you need to do is to put in your URL in the SEO Analyzer website tab. You will be directed to a report that offers you the site speed of your platform. Basically, site speed is very helpful to your SEO health. Each 0.5 seconds that it takes to load your site will drastically increase the percentage of your visitors. Moreover, the report will also provide you the top SEO issues. Your website will be audited against the tool’s comprehensive 44-point SEO checklist that will aide you to better understand the overall health of your website. Hence, you’ll have an idea on what improvements you need to do. In addition, your website will also be ranked based on how difficult each issue is to enhance depending upon the technical skills needed and the time that the tool estimates. After redirecting you to the report, you will see the very first area of the analysis, which reveals your on-page SEO rating.

Your approximated search traffic and the variety of keywords used will also be shown. Afterwards, you’ll see a message from the tool that breaks down the number of pages were crawled and any SEO mistakes that was discovered. Furthermore, clicking on the natural traffic takes you to a report that shows you how well your website is carrying out. Next, four boxes will appear; health check, critical errors, warnings, and recommendations. You can opt to select any of the 4 website to see the break down of each report. Generally, SEO analyzer allows you to be informed of the over all performance of your website in the competition. Not only it provides you how well or not your site is going, but it also gives you information on the aspects of your website and content marketing that needs to be improved. Hence, if you want to boost your website to put your best foot forward, using SEO Analyzer is one of the best things to do.

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