Shoebuy.Com: A Great Online Shopping Site

Shoebuy.Com: A Great Online Shopping Site

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I had a dilemma. I live in Northern California where, as I write this, Autumn is upon us. I have a wedding coming up in a month that I am performing in Florida. I’ll be wearing a white silk suit and needed to get a pair of light color loafers to go with it. Low-and-behold, now that summer is over here, the shoe and department stores have boxed up and sent south their remaining supplies of light-colored (or other specifically summer styled) shoes. No one had anything for me to even consider. Then, I recalled, a site I had used once to buy a pair of tennis shoes I was unable to find anywhere else. Wow! This is some shoe site. Not only you get a pair of affordable shoes, but you also get Mindsole shoe inserts that make these shoes really comfortable. If you want to learn more about these insoles and how they perform, you have Mindinsole reviews that you can check out. 

Well organized and easy to search and navigate, shoes are broken down into categories in a range of ways allowing the shopper to search according to his/her own preferences. I did it pretty straightforwardly. There are six basic categories of shoes. These include Women’s, Men’s, Teen, Girls, Boys and Infants/Toddlers. It is also possible to begin a search according to any other variable or preference about the shoe you are looking for. So I clicked on Men’s to begin.

The next screen shows me that in the group of Men’s shoes, there are 21 different types. Everything from Formal to dress to casual and many others I never would have thought of like “comfort shoes,’ ’rounded toe shoes,’ ‘slip-on’ and ‘oxfords.’ I decided to click on ‘loafers’ and discovered that in this singular (one out of twenty-one) category of Men’s shoes, had 801 pairs of shoes available! Honing down my search, I went on to sub-select color. Needing something light but not white, I hit ‘Tan.’ There were 104 pairs available meeting that description.

Scrolling through them, it took me about five minutes to find the pair that appealed to me at a price I thought was reasonable. The Men’s Giorgio Brutini loafers, Model #67022 in a color they call “Tumbled Calf” looked perfect – Just what I had been hoping to find in my local stores. It was quick and easy to confirm that this shoe was actually available in my size and with no tax, free shipping, and a 10% discount on their regular price, I ordered them. They should arrive in plenty of time for the wedding in Florida.

Some people are reluctant to buy shoes online and I think that if your size seems to vary by manufacturer, this would probably not be the best way to shop for them. If you are a person who absolutely needs to try something on before buying, then online clothing or shoe shopping is not a good idea for you. However if like me, your shoe size remains constant, you may want to give a try. You can find a selection of Brand Name footwear that is exponentially beyond the inventory of even the most comprehensive retail shoe store or outlet.

The prices I saw in the “tan loafer” category, ranged form around $40. up to several hundred dollars per pair. This is NOT a close-out, bargain shoe outlet. It is a comprehensive online retail shoe store with a warehouse of available inventory across all styles and needs. It sure saved me this time and I plan to return the next time I am in the market for shoes.