Short Curly Hair Style For Going Back To School

Short Curly Hair Style For Going Back To School

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The summer is coming to an end soon and you once again are headed back to school. Since the new school year is close at hand why not make a true new start with a new look? I am not talking just a small change like wearing long beach waves for the first week. I am talking about an Alicia Keys hair change. Yes, lovelies, go short and curly for back-to-school.

If men have popular cuts such as mens hairstyles long hair, then feel free to be creative with your hair today.

Let Your Natural Curls Shine in a Short Bob

Alicia Keys made headlines in July when she chopped her hair off into a short bob. When worn with her natural curls, the style is fun and flirty. Create a side part and leave one side curly and the other slicked back for a late 80s/early 90s look. For a fuller, more controlled short curly bob, try a hot roller set. The look will create glamor waves with curled ends similar to Milla Jovovich’s curly bob worn at Cannes.

Curly Pixie

The pixie is still a trendy haircut. If you have naturally curly hair the pixie can be your best friend. If you want a break from defining and styling then this cut is perfect for. Regardless of curl type, you can wash your hair, apply a little gel or mousse to damp hair and go on about your day. For my kinky-curly girls who are transitioning, get a pixie cut if you want to do your big chop. You will find doing a wash and go will be easier.

Messy, Wavy Chin-length Bob

If you have wavy hair, get a chin-length bob cut in long layers to add fullness. You can wear your bob in controlled waves or even flat iron your hair straight. However, wearing your waves, messy in that “just got out of bed” look is fun and flirty. All you need to do is wash hair in the evening, towel dry, create four large braids, and cover hair with a scarf and go to sleep. In the morning remove braids, finger comb braids loose, shake hair to muss it a little and finish with a light mist of hairspray to set.

Pin Curls

If your straight hair is already cut in a short style go curly for a while. This year Marilyn Monroe has been an inspiration for TV, beauty and fashion. Why not be a bombshell and sport some Marilyn-style pin curls? If you don’t know how create pin curls, this YouTube tutorial will show you how on shorter hair.

These four short, curly hairstyles are a great way to change your look for back-to-school. Not sure if you want to go short and curly every day? Then find a short, curly wig you like and wear it whenever you want a change.