Shower Curtains Or Window Curtains?

Shower Curtains Or Window Curtains?

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When we first moved into our house just about all the window coverings were included. While the majority of them consisted of mini blinds, the dining room windows had sheers. That is, curtains of a light colored gauzy fabric that are very transparent. What was even worse, the sheers didn’t even reach all the way to the bottom sill, and instead dangled about 6 inches above it. None of us could remember seeing the sheers like that when we viewed the house, but on the other hand we had pretty much decided on the house before we even reached that room so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

Being that we are the sort of family that is not into interior decorating at all, it is not surprising that we lived with those tacky short fallen sheers for darn near 5 years. I did attempt one time to make replacement curtains using some cheap dark blue cloth that I thought would not be see-through. After one side was finished however, I went outside and realized the cloth wasn’t much better than the sheers at offering privacy so that attempt was scrapped.

Well, opportunity has a way of showing up at the most unexpected times and this time it appeared as a box of hand-me-downs from my dad and stepmom. Within that box of household odds and ends lay a complete set of decorative fabric shower curtains. Some of you who do dabble in the interior arts know full well that one usually has a vinyl curtain to go inside the shower and that the fabric curtains are more for appearances. And that is how this particular set was. There was a plain white vinyl inner curtain and a pair of cream fabric curtains of a pretty green and red floral design.

Since our current shower curtain was in dire need of replacement, I promptly swapped it out for the vinyl one in the box. As I went to put the decorative part of the set up, a light bulb appeared above my head. Or at least I’m pretty sure one would have been there had I not already been standing on the bathtub with my head at ceiling level. Anyway, instead of putting the fabric curtain onto the shower rings, I ran into the dining room with the curtain in hand. Grabbing the stepstool I hurried up it and held the shower curtain up to the window. Lo and behold it was the perfect length!

My joy knew no bounds and I had never seen any curtain hanging so beautifully and I felt it was a sight to behold for anyone. I had to be very careful as cleaning any size of residential and commercial property is no mean task and one wrong move to make things worse, especially in a large house of this size. Curtains have always been my weakness and the one in the kitchen would give proper ventilation by neither being too bright nor too dark.

Well about 15 minutes later we finally had a decent set of curtains covering our dining room windows. To think it only took about 5 years to get them. Ha ha! Next time though, we at least have an idea of an easy alternative.