Signs that  Tells your Ex-Boyfriend still wants You

Signs that Tells your Ex-Boyfriend still wants You

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Breaking up with a boyfriend can be devastating. The question is; did you break off the relationship or did he? This holds the answer on how to handle the situation. Either way, it is human nature to wonder if he still wants to be with you. Ask yourself, is this the type of guy I want back in my life. If he still cares for you, and wants you back in his life, here are some revealing signs he will begin to display:

If he is serious about getting back together with you, he will begin calling. They may start off as subtle phone calls, fearing the response you will give him. Never the less, a phone call is to break the ice. You may also receive text messages from him. (This doesn’t necessarily mean he is being a coward, and does not want to hear your voice). He will wait for an answer from you, and this type of communication may make him feel less nervous. And it is important to plan your response carefully before you go sending cute Love Quotes for Him to Make Him Smile.

Getting in contact with your friends is another way of communicating. He knows a good friend will relay any messages to you. The more repetitive he is the better. Listen to what he has been disclosing to them. For instance; He should want to know how you are doing. Your well being should be a priority to him. Does he miss you? He should be very sincere about what he says. If he is a true to his word, the ball will now be in your court.

Guys who are truly interested in repairing a broken relationship will come to your home. Whether he broke up with you, or you with him. True feelings for another person cannot be hidden. This is a very good signal he is sending to you. It means he really misses seeing you and is going the extra mile just to be with you. Play it smart. If he broke off the relationship, do not be so quick to run back to him. Do not show any signs of desperation. You are not a doormat for any guy. If you behave this way, he will mostly likely hurt you again. What are his intentions for making up with you and why did he leave. In your heart you will know if he is truly genuine.

If you are the person who wanted out of the relationship; ask yourself? Do I really care deeply enough for this person to begin again. The worse thing to do to another person is to lead them on. It isn’t fair to him and does not show much character on your part. If you honestly miss and care for this person, communication is the key to repairing as a couple. Find out what went wrong, ask each other questions and always be honest. If you are both on the same page and feel the relationship is worth fighting for, then you can begin moving forward and start anew.