Simple Diet Plans You Can Follow For Fantastic Real Results

Simple Diet Plans You Can Follow For Fantastic Real Results

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Losing weight can be extremely difficult. The task is made more difficult by the sheer amount of weight loss and diet information available. It can be confusing and frustrating sifting through all the information, products, and opinions related to body composition change. What I’ve developed as a personal trainer is a meal plan that makes it all very simple. The plan doesn’t avoid certain macronutrients (like the low fat or low carb diets), there is no calorie counting, no weighing your food, and no silly point system. Simply read the instruction I’ve given, pick your foods, and eat. You will still need some will power but if you follow this diet properly you will not be disappointed. 

Yes, you can choose CoolSculpting Arms & Skin Care in New Jersey among other treatment if you want fast real results. But if you want a more permanent solution by doing some lifestyle changes, these tips would help you. 

First we need to look at how to organize your eating habits. Most people eat rather erratically. They will skip breakfast, possibly have a lunch or grab a sweet snack (like a Twinkie or a doughnut) mid-afternoon, and finish the day with a huge dinner. And people wonder why they are getting fat! 



Think of your metabolism as a camp fire. You don’t want to get the fire started, leave it for several hours without giving it any additional wood (fuel), and then dump several arm loads of wood on it just before it completely burns out. Doing so would snuff out the fire. Instead, you want to regularly add small amounts of wood (fuel) to the flames so that the fire is constantly burning strong. 

Your metabolism is very similar. If you avoid eating during the day (or eat crap) you stifle your metabolism and it slow down considerably. Then when you finally do eat at the end of the day you pile so much food into your gut just before you go to sleep your body has no choice but to turn all that food (fuel) into fat and store it. Hello Thunder Thighs! What you need to be doing is feeding yourself several small meals (comprised of appropriate foods) during the day to help speed up your metabolism and increase fat loss. 

Below you will see how you daily meal cycle will look. You should be eating every three hours. 

Also you should seriously consider starting an exercise program which includes resistance training and cardiovascular training (cardio) to help accelerate you fat loss. If you do take up such a program you should consume a protein shake immediately post workout to help prevent any muscle loss (muscle helps burn fat, we don’t want to lose it). 

Daily Meal Cycle: 

Breakfast – Select one serving of an item from the Acceptable Protein list, and one serving of an item from the Acceptable Carbohydrates A Group. (Optional – you can additionally select 1-3 servings of anything that would fall under the Acceptable Carbohydrates B Group) 

3 hours 

Snack – Protein supplement and water (make a shake) 

3 hours 

Lunch – Select one serving of an item from the Acceptable Protein list and one – three servings of an item from the Acceptable Carbohydrates B group. 



3 hours 

Snack – Protein supplement and water OR select a single serving of an item on the Acceptable Protein list. 

3 hours 

Dinner – Select one serving of an item from the Acceptable Protein list and one – three servings of an item from the Acceptable Carbohydrates B group. 

(Once a week you are allowed one “cheat” meal, preferably consumed in the morning. Though, this “cheat” meal is optional) 


Acceptable Protein Foods – Eggs, Skinless Chicken, Fish (any), Other Lean Cuts of Meat (Can be Beef, Venison, Pork, ect…as long as it is LEAN), Hard Cheese (like Cheddar or Mozzarella), Yogurt (the carbs in yogurt don’t count as real carbs*). 

Acceptable Carbohydrates A Group – Fruit (any), whole grain breads, whole grain pasta, Brown rice, sweet potatoes and yams, oatmeal, Legumes (any), Nuts (includes all natural nut butters), 

Acceptable Carbohydrates B Group – Vegetables (virtually any) 

AVOID: Beets, carrots, corn, parsnips, peas, potatoes, and winter squashes 

Acceptable Beverages – Water, Unsweetened Tea (try to avoid artificial sweeteners) 

Protein Supplement – You will be consuming protein powder and water (combined in a shake) during at least one of your daily snacks. The protein powder supplement can be Whey, Casein, or Soy based. Avoid products with carbohydrate counts than 7g per serving. 

Other Supplements – You will need to begin a Multivitamin and a Fish Oil supplement as part of your diet. These will be crucial to your success. Simply follow with directions on the label. 



Tips for Success: 

  1. Have a starting point. – Decide what your goals are. Is it a target weight, a target size or a target body fat percentage? Find out what your starting weight and body fat percentages are. If you don’t have a starting point how can you know if you’ve made progress? During your weight/fat loss journey you will want to check up on yourself periodically. I wouldn’t check your weight and body fat percentages more than once a week. Always check in the morning before breakfast.
  1. Record – Keep a journal of your weight/fat loss journey and make sure to list your goals; take before, during, and after pictures to document your progress and keep you motivated.
  1. Tell Others – Letting other know about your weight/fat loss goals will help keep you motivated and accountable.
  1. Prepare your meals in advance – This can be extremely helpful and keep you on the right track -especially if you are short on time. The snacks are easy to prepare on the spot and take little time, but I like to prepare about three days worth of breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner.

Final Thoughts: 

Please remember that this is not a lifestyle diet. If followed correctly you will lose weight and will be happy with your results. Once you reach your target weight or body fat percentage you can alter the diet so that you are maintaining what you have earned. I would still stick with eating small meals every three hours and try to eat healthy most of the time so that you do not relapse. I wish you the best of luck on your journey towards the body you desire.