Some Of The Most Common Myths About 3d Printers!

Some Of The Most Common Myths About 3d Printers!

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3d printing is a process of converting a digital file into a 3d object by adding different layers of material on it. This innovative printing technology has changed the printing completely, and now you can print almost anything and turn any design in your mind into a real object. You can create anything starting from cups to airplane parts, including human body implants, machine parts, toys, etc. The process used by the 3d printers is known as additive manufacturing because it adds different layers of material to create the object. Considerable time has passed since this 3d printing technology came into the market, but still, some people don’t have enough knowledge about it, and lack of knowledge gives birth to myths and conceptions. There are various myths spread about 3d printers.

What are the major misconceptions about 3d printers?

They are highly expensive

Most people ponder that the best 3d printers are highly costly, and most of them cannot afford to buy them. It is a common myth in the mind of people and is also the reason why they stay away from it. Now there is a wide variety of 3d printers available in the market, and all of them have different prices and features. You can easily find a printer that suits your budget as they start from $100 and go up to a whopping $1000. A lot of cheap options have surfaced in the market and allow you to own a 3d printer at the cost of a mere $49. The printing material is also quite affordable and can be purchased at only $20. So, it is a pure myth that 3d printers are expensive as they are available at different prices, and you can find the one that fits perfectly into your budget.

You can create anything with 3d printers

It is one of the most common myths about 3d printers that they can produce anything you want. But in reality, it is not true as it can create limited things, but the manufacturers are trying continuously to increase its capabilities. You can create various items using 3d printers such as houses, chocolates, cups, toys, but you need specific materials to create them. The material requirements of all objects are different, and you must fulfill it to create any object properly.

You cannot create tough objects

3d printers are suitable for creating soft and easily moldable objects only such as plastic. You can build some of the strong items using it such as nylon; titanium for them, you will require upgraded adhesion, broader layers.

3d printing is the fastest

Most of the people think that objects are prepared in flash of seconds through 3d printers. It is entirely a misconception as 3d printing is only suitable for small scale production where you need to get some prototypes for the designs. 3d printers cannot beat the large scale machinery as they are highly efficient and produce the product at high speed. 3d printers can manufacture at a reasonable rate if you want to use it a small scale.

3d printed guns are a menace to society

A lot of people have criticized 3d printing as people started printing guns using it, and others believed that it is a significant problem. But the truth is that the guns printed using it are of no use as they are quite weak and will break down in the hands of the user itself.