Terpenes And Cannabis: From Hazards To Helpers?

Terpenes And Cannabis: From Hazards To Helpers?

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What are the factors that contribute to your good health? How do you maintain a good and well functioning body? Does health mean only bulging muscles, six pack abs, broad shoulders?

Why can’t you have a lean frame with relatively strong arms and legs on the outside but a far stronger and healthier person on the inside?

The criteria for today, unfortunately, largely comprises of the first set where only gym savvy individuals are considered healthier, despite the fact that they do so through steroids and drugs on a regular basis that eventually take their toll and therefore many of them don’t even reach 30.

This factor is more common with professional wrestlers who are endowed with superhuman physical strength, well built like solid rocks who are capable of lifting the heaviest of things with relative ease but even they don’t deny the fact that the side effects are far more catastrophic.

Drug and steroid addiction has become the present generation’s obsession who cannot do without a puff, sniff or whiff of the choicest samples available in the black market and who are considered to be easy prey for smugglers, who view them as geese that lay golden eggs for them.

When it comes to drugs, they are in abundance all around the world and for which the youth brigade is even prepared to kill to enjoy the feelings of euphoria, a virtual stress buster that they thrive for in the outside world, free from personal and professional problems.

It is not that the youth are not aware of the dangers of drug addiction, but the tension and pressure from all sides are way too much for them to handle and they strive down this path just for a little relief or through peer pressure from bad company.

In the process, they find themselves strongly attracted to it and the virtual world a far better alternative than the real world with all its problems but soon come to realize that they have got much more than they have bargained for.

However, all said and done, it is also true that certain drugs like terpene and canabbis also have health related benefits that can be utilized by people afflicted with life threatening ailments.

No, they are not alternative medicines, but rather precautionary measures that may kill the causes of diseases so that they never formulate in the first place.

It might be quite shocking for some people to fathom that cannabis, terpene, cocaine and other drugs that are universally vilified as slow and sweet poison do have some positive aspects to redeem them from this existential stereotype.

Special mention must be given to flavorless terpenes that have changed many lives for the better, though of course the limit of consumption should never be exceeded otherwise the consequences may be severe.

Cannabis are normally in the form of fruits and berries that may have the same qualities as they look and taste the same and therefore impossible to distinguish from their authentic counterparts.

There are numerous arguments floating about terepene benefits and its striking similarity with cannabis but this has never been fully explored by scientists or the authority and are therefore considered to be an enigma of sorts for the entire world.

HT pure is simply terepene drug in liquid form which has been derived from plants that can give you the strain from cannabis and is also non-alcoholic in taste and use.

Now, let us talk about the 8 major terpenes in cannabis that are important for your health which are as follows:

  • You can find terepene of different varieties in all cannabis plants and the best know is caryophyllene with a combined aroma of wood pepper and spice which treats swelling and inflammation
  • Myrcene made from herbal cloves that also have the same aroma are good for digestion and fight ulcer
  • Limonene, as the name suggests, is made from citrus lime that has a sweet and sour taste that is good for respiratory system and a must for asthma patients
  • Linalool extracted from sandalwood has a flowery smell good for sedation and for treating alzheimers
  • Ocimene smells like wood and sweet herbal that is good for treating inflammation

  • Terpinolene is again a good anti inflammatory with a fruity aroma
  • Himulene has a smell of moss and earth that is good for throat disease and also cancer and asthma
  • Pinene is made from pine cones and has the same texture and taste which is an anti oxidant for fighting skin diseases