Tesco Travel Insurance: Is it Really Worth It?

Tesco Travel Insurance: Is it Really Worth It?

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Tesco Travel Insurance Company is well known to many UK travelers. Tesco offers insurance for both single trips and annual policies. Tesco Travel Insurance offers travel insurance to UK residents. Signing up for Tesco Travel Insurance may not be so easy since they either don’t have a site or it’s not searchable. However, when you search Tesco Travel Insurance you will find many sites that offer a phone number to sign up via phone. You can go to their website for top 7 most awesome senior trip ideas so that you can plan your trip accordingly. You get several options to look on from Tesco travel insurance as well so that you can make your overseas trip more secure and fun. You get full cover and you can relax on your trip without any worry.

Tesco Travel Insurance offers many types of coverage to include; personal liability, winter sports, loss of passport, cash and credit cards, and personal possessions’ just to name a few. Tesco Insurance benefits covers up to 1500 Euros per lost or stolen items, with a single limit of 250 Euros per item. Tesco Travel Insurance claims to cover up to 5 million Euros for medical and emergency coverage. Therefore, the coverage can range very high.

One thing that you should know about Tesco Travel Insurance as well as, any other travel insurance, is that you should check your coverage and your policy VERY WELL! The hazardous activities can play a big roll in whether or not you will be receive benefits in the event something goes wrong. There are multiple things that you wouldn’t think of when getting your travel insurance. Things such as bungee jumping, par ascending, scuba diving and other possibly dangerous sports and events could void your coverage with out you realizing it.

So, what do previous customers think about Tesco Travel Insurance? According to multiple reviews online from previous customers, you may have a hard time getting Tesco Travel Insurance to pay out if you do have claim. Multiple online reviews state that Tesco Travel Insurance either found a reason not to pay, to include the hazardous events, or brought out the fine print. While it’s everyone responsibility to read the fine print, be sure to ask any and all questions you may have about your coverage so that you don’t get caught in the same trap. Many reviews have also stated that when canceling coverage due to not taking the vacation or travel that there were no issued a refund, regardless of the reason for cancelling.

Among the negative feedback about not paying claims, another problem that customers had about Tesco Insurance is their high rates. When comparing rates with other companies you will find that Tesco Travel Insurance is nearly double the price of other companies. Be sure to shop around for the best rates and best coverage.

In addition to checking with Tesco Travel Insurance, be sure to check out Insure and Go Insurance. They provide cheaper quotes for many types of insurance to include travel insurance. Insure and Go Insurance is very convenient. They offer quotes and coverage both online, and by phone claim to be the lowest prices on the Internet. Another great travel insurance company to check out is Direct Travel Insurance. They offer competitive prices and the some of the lowest quotes as well. They offer many coverage plans as well as additional benefits such as Holiday Travel Insurance, Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance, Single Trip Travel, Skit Travel, and 90 days Backpacker Travel Insurance plus, many more plans. Be sure to shop around to find the best quotes and coverage to meet you travel needs.