The Best Breeds Of Security And Protection Dogs

The Best Breeds Of Security And Protection Dogs

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Dogs are considered man’s best friend. For most of families across the globe, a dog is already part of the family. They are the most loyal and sweetest pets that anyone can have. But as time goes on, people realize that dogs are not just a cutie pet as they are. Hence, they can also be trusted to protect your house from intruders. Dogs can contribute a sense of security at any home. However, not all types of dogs are ideal for protection and security. As such, here are the dog breeds that are best protection dogs that you may want to own.

German Shepherd

When talking about protection dogs, one of the very first breeds that will come to our minds is the German shepherd. They are considered as projection and security family dog. They are described as muscular and large dogs and yet gentle and courageous. They are not afraid to place themselves in danger just to protect and save their loved ones. This is the reason why most of the military and police dogs that we always see are German shepherd. But it is recommended to provide healthy environment to this kind of dogs.


Surely, Rottweiler is a breed of dog that we always see at home. They are popular and known to be as guard dogs. According to dog experts, Rottweiler is one of the most confident and intelligent dogs that serve as best protection and guard dogs among any other dogs. Apparently, when it comes to the different and several jobs that they perform, Rottweiler seems to have no limitation. They can perform; carting, herding and other stunts just to name some. This type of dogs has also a lot of energy and active activities so you’ll ensure that they are best for your house protection and safety.

Doberman Pinscher

Another breed of dog that is ideal for safety and protection is the Doberman pinscher. Just like Rottweiler, they are also intelligent and can be easily trained. They can perform some stunts and tricks with proper training. Aside from these characteristics, a Doberman pinscher has also an intimidating look, which makes them very ideal and helpful for home protection. However, as an owner, for them to be strong and active, you have to train them regularly with a lot of exercises to maintain their strength, energy and athletic figure.


Bullmastiff is a mixed breed of mastiff and bulldog. They are described as fearless, strong, confident and courageous type of dog. Bullmastiff always barks when it senses stranger danger. So it is advisable to train them as early as they are still puppies so they will get used to protecting your house from any possible harm. However, if not properly trained, some of the Bullmastiff would run and hide when they sense a danger. So not all Bullmastiffs are protective. But with proper training and care, they can be very helpful for your family.


Last in our list is boxer. They are described as bright, active, and fun loving breed of dog. Aside from giving protection, a boxer is also helpful in giving alert to their owners when there is something contentious in their environment. If you own a boxer, you need to be mindful that they have a lot of energy so they need a lot of exercise as well.