The Sims 2 Set to Release 7th Expansion!

The Sims 2 Set to Release 7th Expansion!

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The Sims 2 has become a huge game since it made its debut. Next month, the seventh expansion is being released! So here is an overview of the game and the expansions, so you can be ready to get “Free Time” when it’s released!

The first Sims 2 expansion to come out was “University”. This was released in March of 2005, and offered your sims a chance to go to college and get new careers, along with extra wants and fears! And now there is a teen life stage. No more child to adult transitions! This also offered a new element, a new “neighborhood”. You can choose from dorms or houses, and even try to get your sims into secret societies in college! It also added great new career rewards and interactions like pranks! Try having your sim streak through campus with a lampshade on his head! You can also create a zombie sim with this expansion pack! Isn’t that a cool feature? There are several other new features like this that are going to be there in the next update. As a plyers you are definitely going to enjoy the new update of the game. If you are curious enough you can explore more about the new expansion here sims4mobi – use x4

The second Sims 2 expansion pack was “Nightlife”. This was released in September of 2005. Nightlife really opened up the game with the downtown aspect. Sims can go to clubs, bowling, or many other options to socialize! The “throw drink in face” interaction is probably one of the best! You can visit a matchmaker, and get a great or horrible blind date. The best part of Nightlife is the driveable cars! No more calling taxis or straggling out to make the carpool! Let your sim drive themselves anywhere. And see if you can get your sim to be bitten by a creature of the night!

The third Sims 2 expansion pack was “Open for Business”. This was released in March of 2006. OFB allows you to either buy a lot in one of the parts of your town, or start a business in your own home! You can start a bakery, or maybe charge people by the hour to come to your house to swim or play cards. You can learn to make fabulous bouquets, toys, or even robots! Make your own servo and see him interact with your family. Make sure he doesn’t flirt too much with your wife though!

The fourth Sims 2 expansion pack was “Pets”. This was released in October of 2006, and was highly anticipate and loved by original sims players who missed having fuzzy little pets around. This pack opened up pet stores, breeding of pets, and pet jobs! Don’t want to work? Get your pet a job as a showbiz star and let him rake in the cash! And while you’re at it, see if you can’t be friends with that dog that only comes out at night and has glowing yellow eyes. See what happens if he nibbles you!

The fifth expansion for the Sims 2 was “Seasons”. This was released in March of 2007. Seasons brought weather, finally! If you ever wanted your sims to have a white Christmas, this pack gives you that chance. Along with the weather came another great aspect from the original sims, gardening. Grow your own fruits and veggies to stock your fridge, or even sell for profit. Make your sims food glow with health and more satisfying properties! Cure sims sickness with orange juice, or make juice with random ingredients and get magical results ! Be careful not to spray your plants and bushes too often, or you may take having a green thumb to a whole new extreme!

The sixth expansion for the Sims 2 was “Bon Voyage”. This was released in September of 2007. With Bon Voyage, you can visit tropical islands, getaways high in the mountains, or exotic foreign lands! You can learn new skills, like hula dancing, or collect souvenirs to take home and display on your shelf! Have a great vacation, and your sims will get special benefits when they finally return home. While vacationing in the mountains, see if you can spot and get a picture of that elusive sasquatch!

And now, on February 27th, “Free Time” will be available for play. This will revolve around sims’ hobbies! There will be features like car restoring, video games (look for EA game cameos, like MySims), and ballet. You will be able to join hobby clubs and more. There have been rumors swirling that this will be the last expansion pack, especially with the buzz of The Sims 3 that started in the middle of last year when a developer accidentally had something on their site referring to it. It was quickly removed, but the news had already spread quickly. Will we see new expansions? Will The Sims 3 materialize in the near future? Only time will tell. As an avid sim gamer since 2000, I can’t wait to see what’s next!