The Use of PC Bug Tracking Software

The Use of PC Bug Tracking Software

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Bug Tracking Software

End-users and programmers will agree that software bugs are frustrating and far too common. Bug tracking software offers a solution to the problem, however, it is not easy to determine which program is best? Aside from issues of compatibility, there are a number of factors which need to be considered with regard to your development environment. Before purchasing any software, you should first determine exactly what your programmers and testers need, in order to be efficient. Different factors should be considered through the person while making the use of wavemaker rad for the development. Thee programmers should ensure that the function will develop the small enterprises into large one. 

Reliable bug tracking software should be stable and most importantly, bug free. The program should be intuitive and highly customizable to support the needs of your development team. While there are many products to choose from, it’s best to go with a well known company that has a proven track record such as Bugzilla and Gnats. Select a program that suits your budget and integrates smoothly with the hardware configurations you currently have in place. If the software requires additional hardware, the price you pay might not even be worth it.


The features of bug tracking software varies widely, but you’ll certainly need the basics. The ability to prioritize reported errors is essential, as it enables resources to be allocated more efficiently. An effective program should provide additional information about each bug that was reported, and facilitate the adding of helpful notes. For instance, you need to have the ability to recreate the steps which led to the discovery of a software bug, what actions should have been taken, and which actions were taken. Quality bug tracking software tracks the bug’s history, while enabling additional notes to be indexed as the error moves from one member to the next.

Some programs also provide exceptional management tools. This type of bug tracking software generates comprehensive reports regarding errors, along with the specificwork that has been assigned to each programmer. Such a feature eases the management process by enabling projects to be restructured and reassigned as needed. There are also integrated features that have the ability to notify specific programmers when they have been assigned new projects. Once they have done their part of rectifying the error, programmers can then update the status, and the bug can be assigned to someone else, or simply marked as closed.

Detailed Bug Tracking Software

When shopping for bug tracking software, remember not to overlook the small details. The program should offer customization that allows you to efficiently close out an open bug report, and also designate just what programmers have the authority to close reports. Last but not least, the software should provide an easy way to perform regular backups of data. Software bug reports are just too critical to lose.

Proper Training and Usage

Once the program is installed, be sure to properly configure it and do not allow anyone to circumvent those settings. It doesn’t matter how powerful or feature-rich the program is, bug tracking software is insufficient when not used accordingly. Until the entire development team is properly trained in the proper usage of the new program, and have become efficient at using the same tracking system, those annoying software bugs will continue to run wild, and result in numerous end-user complaints you simply don’t need.