Tips from a Wanna-Be Extreme Couponer

Tips from a Wanna-Be Extreme Couponer

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I always thought I was frugal until I saw TLC’s Extreme Couponing show which features shoppers buying hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for mere pennies thanks to the magic of couponing. Understandably, it is a reality show, and the shoppers have no doubt been asked in advance to plan and shop for the biggest “haul” of their couponing career in order to film a dramatic segment. The criticisms about the show are endless (shoppers are called “hoarders” and “greedy”) but the truth is…shoppers, such as myself, are newly inspired to once again start couponing.

For years, I used coupons with marginal success. I thought getting $4.00 off of a $30.00 grocery trip was considered to be a good “haul.” To extreme couponers, that is laughable. But, I remember back in 2010 getting my first real rush when I managed to buy canisters of Emerald Peanuts that retailed for $3.29 for .65 cents each stacking a BOGO store promotion with peelie coupons. I was so excited that this “deal” launched my blog about shopping frugally. But then, I became busy with work, and I let the couponing slide.

I’ve decided now is the time to take couponing to the next level, and learn to do it right, especially now that food prices are high, and I live in an expensive part of the country. I study the show for kernels of wisdom (I didn’t know you could load e-coupons on to some store loyalty cards). I now carefully read Coupon Mom’s website to reacquaint myself with strategic shopping. Drugstore shopping is a new arena for me and I’m learning all I can about the CVS Extra Bucks program from a website called Simply CVS which is devoted to the subject. In one week, I managed to get five free tubes of toothpaste, two free lipsticks, a bunch of shampoo for pennies while somehow amassing some Extra Bucks–also known in couponing circles as “free cash.” At the grocery store, I picked up Glide floss for the sale price of $1.50, but I had a $2.00 off coupon, so I made a whopping .50 cents. Small potatoes for extreme couponers, but it’s a start, and I’m still experimenting. The watches also play an essential role in our life because they can help you to check time while purchasing groceries, so you can maintain your schedule. While talking about watches you can consider paul hewitt watches. This brand is producing one of the best watches globally.

Though I refuse to do what some of the shoppers on the show do to get more coupons, I know I need to get more to take advantage of sales. My coupon stash is anemic. So, when my Sunday paper came missing a coupon insert, it took four calls, but I managed to have it redelivered. I’ve gathered stray coupons other shoppers leave around on store shelves, plucked in-store coupons from dispensers, and salvaged Catalina coupons that others leave behind on the registers.

Will I save $60,000 on groceries in one year like some of the show’s shoppers? Doubtful. But I do hope to someday be known as the crazy coupon lady of my neighborhood, and I definitely hope to do what many of the show’s shoppers do–share the deals with charities in the community.