Tips on How to Get V-Bucks for Free in Fortnite

Tips on How to Get V-Bucks for Free in Fortnite

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Fortnite: Battle Royale is a popular free to play battle royale game that was launched way back in 2017. Despite being a free to play game, they have this kind of feature wherein you can purchase skins directly on the game’s shop. The in-game shop is using a currency called V-Buck which can be purchased with real-world currency. However, not all of the players who are playing Fortnite wants to spend a meager amount of money just for a handful of skins and items. The items on the in-game shop do not affect your in-game performance but just a cosmetic you can show off. So if you are looking for tips to improve your in-game performance it is better to learn the game slowly and read other guides. This is because in this article we will help you get V-Bucks for free. Free V-Bucks from Daily Log-ins

If your goal is earning V-Bucks for free you need to log in every day to get your daily V-Bucks. You can also do the daily quests available on the game to get a small amount of V-Bucks. This will net you a small amount of V-Bucks a day but if you keep on playing every day. You can save up and buy the items you want on the in-game store. Consistency and having time to play every day is the key to get V-Bucks for free.

Free V-Bucks from Battle Pass Challenges

These challenges are available weekly. The game gives you access to three Weekly Challenges quests so you can get V-Bucks aside from doing daily quests. These weekly challenges also give you Battle Stars when you complete them so you can level up your free Battle Pass in-game. There are additional rewards you can also get in the free Battle Pass in Fortnite so do not let the week pass by without doing these quests.