Top 3 Rare Dog Breeds You May Not Know About

Top 3 Rare Dog Breeds You May Not Know About

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All around the world you will find canine companions both big and small. There are so many breeds of dogs out there that the information, though helpful, can become overwhelming to dog lovers. Consisting of two breeds, there are crossbred dogs that look like two different dogs smashed together. There are also full mixes. These dogs are more than two breeds mixed together, and many times it is unknown as to what breeds a canine may be genetically related to. Then there are the rare breeds of dogs that are pureblood, meaning not mixed with any other dog breed. Being as rare as some of them are, less information may be available. The Great dane is a really big german dog breed that is known for its big size and gentle nature. With a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years. You get a rare pet dog breed. However, there are other rare breeds that are there. 

Let’s talk about 3 of these rare dog breeds.

Thai Ridgeback

Named for the patchy ridge of fur on its back which grows in the opposite direction, this breed of Ridgeback is judged in dog shows by the height of his ridge. For centuries, the Thai Ridgeback was commonly inbred for purity in Thailand. This dog was used mainly as working dogs, pulling carts and wagons, and hunting but when they came to the United States, they became pets suitable for both houses and apartments. Weighing between 50-80 pounds and 20-25 inches tall, a Thai Ridgeback needs regular exercise and is considered a great human companion. He needs strict discipline, as he’s a strong-willed and independent canine.


The Otterhound was given its name for what is did best, hunt otters. Britain declared the otter an endangered species in the 1970s leaving the Otterhound jobless, so over to the United State, they came to become household pets. This shaggy dog is big-boned and can weight to over 115 pounds. It is believed that the Otterhound was originally bred form Bloodhounds and Welsh Terriers in the 1100s being specifically crossbred for hunting. This noble hound needs plenty of exercises and has a pack mentality when it comes to being part of a family.


This native African hound, the Azawakh, resembles a rather stretched out Greyhound with very long thin legs. There are only about 100-200 Azawakh dogs thought to be living in American homes today. In Africa, this breed of dog is used for hunting and guarding, which they are very effective at doing. As a pet, an Azawakh is very energetic and must have a spacious area to run free. He is also very loyal, yet extremely independent and may not take orders from humans well. Azawakhs enjoy running in the heat, and they even appear to prefer running when it’s very hot but do not care at all to be wet or cold.