Top 4 Bitcoin Trading Platforms For The Novice Trader

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It is undeniable that the crypto industry has been creating a name in the market in the past couple of years. The fast progress of this technology has been continually spreading all over the world, making it easier to draw people’s attention and interest.

Who would have thought that a technology that has faced countless criticisms could still manage to make it this far? This probably would just prove that this technology has something great to offer.

In the earlier years of crypto industry, people only indulge in this business for short-term profit however, as the technology continues to improve and upgrade, people start to see its potential. Because of this, many had invested on the research side in order to understand and explore all the other possible uses of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this endless study and research, we learned to use cryptocurrencies for multiple purposes which most of the time includes using it for safe online transactions such as what sites like Klosterladen Birnau will teach you.

However, among all the different ways to use Bitcoin, trading remains to be one of the most in demand uses of cryptocurrencies today. So, here are the top Bitcoin (BTC) trading platforms that you need to know:

  1. Binance

Binance is one of the most popular trading platforms today. In early 2018, it got a record of being the biggest trading exchange in terms of trading volume. Also, it can always be seen in the top 10 CMC searches.

Binance is also pretty known to be one of the friendliest exchanges because the customer could switch their interface from one mode to another. The two options of modes are the beginners’ level and the advanced level. With this option, users can choose the interface that suits their capability in trading. In addition to this, those who are just in the process of exploring could quickly understand how trading works.

Trading using the Binance tokens (BNB) also gives the customers an opportunity to get up to at least 50% discount on the trading. That is a lot indeed!

  1. Coinbase

If protection and security is one of your main concerns in choosing the trading platform that you want, then you might want to check what Coinbase has to offer.

Coinbase holds all their currencies under USD wallet which simply means that if you choose this one, your assets will be automatically covered under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). For example, any unexpected suffering such as a breach of online storage would automatically be under the FDIC, so the losses that the customers might have to endure would not be a worry at all because it shall be covered by the insurance.

As a Coinbase user, however, you still need to make sure that you put extra effort in protecting your digital currencies that is stored in Coinbase because losses that is caused by physical and cyber security on your end will not be covered by the insurance. You have to still be protecting the important details such as passwords, usernames, etc.

  1. Huobi

Huobi is a Hong Kong based trading platform that is also very popular today because of its high rise in fame in just a short span of time.

One thing that Huobi is known for is its client first culture that you will feel every time you use their platform and make a transaction. Huobi is one of the first companies to create a 24/7 customer service support in the industry, and according to most reviews, their page is quick to load and the people who respond to their queries are fast in delivering services.

In terms of their interface, the graphs and charts on their website are actually presented well. Because of this, digging deep and analyzing is quite easier compared to other ordinary websites. Moreover, their website is also available on both English and Chinese to accommodate the clients well.

To those who wanted to learn more about the basics about trading, Huobi also offers a pre-educational program. Huobi also has LABS which is a consultancy service that is created to help blockchain start-ups in designing their models, training their development team, and also strategizing to develop big plans for the business.

Lastly, the thing that Huobi offers which is not common with other platforms is that it allows the users to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin using their credit cards. Huobi is already partnered with several big companies, to know their available partners where you can choose from just go and visit their official website.

  1. BitFinex

BitFinex is one of the oldest trading platforms in the industry today. It also has the highest volume of users and is consistently included in the Top CMC searches in terms of buying and selling.

It is said that BitFinex is offering the most liquid order book the world which allows the users to exchange Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS, Ripple (XRP), etc., with very minimal slippage. In addition to this, BitFinex is also proud about having a suite of order types that could help traders to take an advantage in every situation.

BitFinex also allows users to trade with up to 3.3x leverage through the margin funding platform. The customers will have an opportunity to enter an order and borrow their desired amount of funding at the rate and the duration of their choice. They can also open a position and then BitFinex will just take out a funding for them while offering the best rate available at that time if they want to.

In addition to this, the customers could also use the feature which is called Auto-Renew so that they can renew offers automatically upon the expiry date.

Now that the cryptocurrency industry has become a thing in the whole world, more companies are starting to emerge and expand every now and then. With that, it is important for you to do your research so that you know which option best works for you. Other than that, the lack of understanding of which BTC trading platforms are the safest to use, will leave you with regrets one day.