Travelpro Luggage Crew 19″ Rollboard Product Review

Travelpro Luggage Crew 19″ Rollboard Product Review

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The Travelpro 19″ Rollboard is an amazing addition to the Crew series that makes this brand all the more popular. This is definitely something with a revolutionary design. Basically it is an evolutionary model of the previous travel bag with some enhancement features and up gradation. The main distinguishing feature is that this model is incredibly nearly 30 % lighter than the other models. There is no doubt that reputed brands like VIP and Samsonite do make light weight premium quality suitcases but the problem is that it does not come under this price range. I got this for around $160 and is definitely worth the penny.

This is a dependable and reliable bag across the globe and the credit completely goes to the amount of commitment the designers’ pool in to craft a nearly perfect travel bag. This has a class by itself and it looks adorable. This is my trusted aid on board in all the business trips out of the town and country. This is spacious (1749 cu in) and has enough to room to hold everything right from the pen to formal suit inside the bag in an organized manner. Remember that it is ideal for only a day or two and for a week long outing the 22″ Expandable is ideal.

This sports a compact look but in fact it is a little monster that appears deceptively small. The trade mark MicroBallastic nylon construction makes it exceptionally durable and gives it unbelievable amount of strength to withstand the push- pull encounters and the cargo clearance without causing any damage to the contents. I would have been happier if only it is scratch resistant. I have been using my Travelpro 19″ Rollboard for more than 2 years and still now luckily it has escaped scrapes. The DuraGurad film makes it durable and does not succumb to wear and tear. Even if you get struck in torrential rain there is nothing to be worried as this is lined inside by a special water resistant material that safe guards the items from getting soaked in water.

What makes it exceedingly lightweight is the invincible honeycomb frame. The ZR premium wheel protecting system is supposed to move the wheels with a whispering sound. To be honest I find it relatively quiet and it is does make some creaking sound especially while dragging it on rough surfaces. The handle can be stretched and pushed back with ease. This makes it easy to roll the bag and finnair käsipagas and is designed in such a way that it does not cause stress to hands. The extraordinary no tip base gives it added stability. I am of the view that it is a reasonably good bag with a decent blend of comfort, ergonomic design and economical.