Two Anti-Wrinkle Alternatives to Botox

Two Anti-Wrinkle Alternatives to Botox

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To reduce the appearance of wrinkles, whether fine or deep lines, you might turn to two options that can produce a similar result as Botox. dermagen anti-wrinkle patches and Frownies both work in similar ways, immobilizing muscles in your face overnight so as to relax the wrinkles and reprogram muscle memory. DermaGen also has the added advantage of containing HydroColloid, designed to fade scars and eliminate blemishes. If botox cosmetic is not your thing, you may want to try these alternatives.

These two non-invasive wrinkle reduction products work in a similar fashion to Botox without toxins being injected into your body. You wear the patches over wrinkles on your face during the night (they recommend for at least three hours). The results aren’t as immediate as Botox, and you have to keep them in your beauty regimen or the wrinkles will reappear. The cost of a month’s supply of patches ranges from $9-$15.

These two products work in to do more than anti-wrinkle creams, which seek to chemically alter the skin itself, with collagen boosters, vitamins, and exfoliation. These creams can lead to skin irritations, blemishes, and redness. They also do not produce the same results on deep wrinkles as the patches do. You can use the anti-wrinkle creams in conjunction with the patches, helping to heal the underlying composition of aging skin and reprogramming the muscles that create the appearance of wrinkles.

Your body develops muscle memory as a way to control how you move. When you prevent a movement for hours at a time, the memory fades and the muscles atrophy. Anti-wrinkle patches rely on retraining muscle memory while you sleep. By reducing the number of muscle contractions that occur in your face while you sleep, you weaken the muscle in such a way that it has a relaxed appearance during the day.

Frownies is a product that has been around since 1889 and has been a mainstay for many makeup artists in Hollywood. It is paraben and fragrance-free, eliminating many of the sources of irritation that occur with creams. Each frownie is made from unbleached Kraft paper with skin-friendly glue, similar to the way an old-fashioned postal stamp works. Patches designed for the forehead come in the shape of squares that are dividable into triangles and can be placed over various wrinkles all over the face.

Dermagen patches come in many different sizes and shapes. The vitamin and collagen repairing properties are supposed to work for up to two uses of each patch but it is possible to reuse them more than once if re-wetted. It is made out of a polyurethane material which is flexible. It also functions by preventing the movement of muscles during the night, but it also functions in a similar way as creams. It purports to reduce the appearance of scars from burns or cuts.

It is possible to use the two different anti-wrinkle products together–Frownies tend to immobilize muscles more, but it doesn’t have the skin healing properties that Dermagen patches have. Dermagen patches conform better to more mobile areas of the face, such as areas around the mouth and under the eyes.

To continue to retrain your facial muscles, you might find the best results by placing the two different patches in different formations each night. You can buy both types of anti-wrinkle packages through such sites at