Vacationing in France: Still a Favourite for the Holidays

Vacationing in France: Still a Favourite for the Holidays

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Let’s face it — touring Europe just isn’t as fun and fancy free as it was during the more carefree “pre-9/11” days. The euro has taken a huge chunk out of the dollar’s buying capacity and no matter where you hang your hat it seems like the spectre of terrorism is trailing not too far behind. So it comes as no surprise that the travel industry is bending over backwards to lure people overseas for their holiday breaks. And guess what — France is still one of the — if not THE — premier vacation spot for travellers. What’s more – Paris has inched its way to the top of many lists as being one of the most child-friendly locations around.

France! It’s out there…tickling your wildest dreams: the land of grapes, wine and the Eiffel Tower! If you wish to take tours to France, to become acquainted with the unique style of life in France, to see new places, monuments both old and new or places connected with the names of outstanding people or well-known events, then get ready for what may be the journey of a lifetime!

Certainly in the last year or so, France has had its share of problems: employment (or the lack there of) strikes, government merry-go-rounds, ego-centric language laws. Yet despite its ups and downs, France is recognized as a country of “individual tourism” and ranks in the top three of virtually every tourism rating list in the world. A vacation to France is an invitation to one of the most sensible countries of the world. A country of arts, joy, wines and cheeses, a country with great palaces and parks, a country in which from the first moment of you’re visit, you will feel extraordinarily giddy.

I’ve always maintained that one of the best ways to see France is to “just go.” That kind of spontaneity probably doesn’t work if you have kids or if getting on in years. But I still say if you pick a destination and go there you won’t have too many problems getting room and board. It all depends on when you travel. Discover the huge benefits of incentive travel and corporate trips for your company while planning for a trip. The charges of the traveling will be under the funds of the person. 

One of the best resources I’ve found is which provides a pretty comprehensive list of places to stay and things to do. The site’s new “Inside France” link is especially valuable when it comes to such details as weather and the local economy.

I’ve written several articles on vacations in France — nearly as many articles as visits. And each time I find something new. Perhaps that’s the real attraction and the reason so many visitors keep coming back for more.

There’s a great variety of tours to France offered by just as many travel agencies. Among them are classical tours that will acquaint you with Paris, lasting anywhere from an entire year to just a brief weekend. You can easily take tours to France or tours to Paris for a few days and spend the time with family or friends. There’s an old saying that if you go to Paris alone, you won’t stay that way for very long. To sit for in a street café or restaurant, to wander along the streets and squares of the city and to enjoy its unique atmosphere is a feeling very few can experience.

Another link worth pursuing may be which has a wealth of information regarding walking and bicycling tours.

It goes without saying that France is a country known all over the world as a centre of fashion. And that’s why tourists coming to France on holiday do not mind passing by the many boutiques and shops in Paris. Behind each glass façade sits remarkable fashions and prices to with it!

I have to agree with the site which makes no bones about visiting France during the late spring, fall or winter when the lines are shorter and the unbearable heat of summer is gone. Paris is certainly for lovers (and anyone else) with the beautiful cafés, lovely walks along the Seine, a visit to Notre Dame Cathedral, a dinner at the Eiffel Tower, and a visit to Versailles. The summer is the worst time to visit Paris and any European country. Tourists swarm everywhere and make romance difficult because of extremely long lines and hot weather that can turn cold the next day. Touring in the fall and spring are the best because they are seen as the off-season. Everyone gets vacation time in the summer so if you want privacy and romance, travel in the off-season.

France is one of the biggest European countries located in the western part of the European Continent. The south part the country is washed by warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, in which Corsica Island is owned by France. Near the western coasts of France the rhythmic sound of Atlantic Ocean waves never slows down. Balneal holiday resorts represent a certain interest for tourism and holiday in France. Such resorts offer mineral baths and spas that are very popular among foreign tourist and are mostly located in central and southern parts of the country.

Vacation time is never at more of a premium than during the holidays. A quick trip to France can prove to be money and time well spent for a vacation that will have you coming back for a return visit!