Which Is The Best Bluetooth Helmet? The Top  Bluetooth Helmets Of 2019

Which Is The Best Bluetooth Helmet? The Top Bluetooth Helmets Of 2019

Bluetooth helmets are for those who want to experience the best utility and convenience whenever they are out, riding their bike. Traditional helmets, undoubtedly provided us with the safety that we always wanted. But as technology has advanced, helmets nowadays not only offer amazing safety but also brilliant utility.

If you are planning to purchase a brand new Bluetooth helmet, then we have handpicked some of the best that are available in the market. Take a look at them and make your search easier.

Best Bluetooth Helmet You Can Buy 2019

Here are a few Bluetooth helmets which we think offer the best features at a value for money price –

  • FreedConn DOT Bluetooth Helmet

FreedConn has some of the best bluetooth helmets in the market and their DOT model is one of the best that we have seen. This helmet comes with Washable microfiber liner so that you can easily keep your helmet clean from all the dust and dirt. It has a 3-dimensional ventilation system that provides excellent air flow inspite of being a full face helmet. The Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity ensures convenient call abilities and allows you to play music or listen to GPS navigation seamlessly. The helmet is made of high quality elements that makes it really safe.

  • AHR Bluetooth Motorbike Helmet

if you are tight on budget, but still want to use a bluetooth helmet, then the AHR Bluetooth Motorbike helmet is your best bet. It comes with universal bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect to calls, MP3 and even radio. Listen to GPS voice prompt easily with one touch connection feature. The DSP Noise Control Technology avoids any background noise from disrupting your calls and music, providing a more pleasurable experience all the time. With approximately 250+ hours of standby, you can get a really great battery life on this one. The full face design protects your entire head and neck from any crash. It is available for a price less than $100.

  • Sena Momentum Pro Helmet 

if budget is not an issue for you, then the Sena Momentum Pro Bluetooth helmet is one of the most premium and exclusive helmet you can buy in 2019. Available for a price of around $600, the helmet is made of Composite fiberglass shell that offers the highest resilience against any crash, keeping your head protected all the time. It comes with latest Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity which ensures seamless calls and music playback all the time. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile allows you to hear GPS navigation or any music, in a crystal clear quality. A full 2 hours of charge can offer you 20 hours of playback. The presence of a QHD action camera allows you to record your journey easily. The camera offers 135 degree field of view making it possible to capture your surroundings without any hassles.

These are the top bluetooth motorcycle helmets that you can purchase in 2019. We have mentioned helmets from different budget category which will allow you to choose the best for your needs according to your budget.

Final Words 

bluetooth helmets are an amazing accessory which you need to have if you want the best safety and utility at the same time. Visit https://10hightech.net/best-bluetooth-motorcycle-helmet/ and have a look at some more amazing bluetooth helmets you can purchase this year.