Why Number Locks Aren’t Safe

Why Number Locks Aren’t Safe

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People use number locks without thinking much of it. People who use number locks have a false sense of security. How many times do we see people with a briefcase that has a number lock on both sides of it? Many times people use one to keep important documents in briefcases. People with a locked briefcase think that they are safe from people breaking into their stuff, but their documents aren’t safe. Some people don’t realize how easy it is for someone to figure out the number code on a number lock or to use other tools to get the lock open.

A briefcase number lock is not fool proof since it can be opened up with a screw driver and pop open the briefcase which makes the lock displays the secret code number. It is a trick that many people don’t realize. Another thing about number locks is that then that secret code numbers can be figured out if you spend enough time on it. The trick behind it is because when you switch the numbers back and forth the lock begins to loosen up and you can feel when you switch the numbers when you got one of them right or not.

The most difficult part is determining which number is the right one that you got right when you fiddle around with it. So thats why you have to switch the numbers around until you all the numbers it. Since there is only so many numbers on the number lock it should only take a few hours or less in order to get the secret code right. You may think that it will take forever, but it won’t. You can get a number lock open quick since there is a limited amount of numbers and an order that they go in.

When you switch the numbers back and forth and able to tell when you get one right then you are getting close to getting the correct numbers. Eventually, you will get all the numbers right and it will open up. Most number locks are only 4 digits long and some of them are 5 digits long. The secret code is only 4 digits or 5 digits long usually. On a number lock you have 10 digits on each place for a digit then you have 4 or 5 digits to figure out the secret code. So if you have 4 digits to figure out then you only need to keep switching through approximately four hundred different numbers combinations tries in order to finally get the right secret code. When you have 5 digits to figure out then you need to keep trying approximately five hundred different number combinations tries in order to get the secret code.

This may seem like a waste of time for someone to want to know how number locks work. It is always good information to know just in case you ever forget your secret code or need to open a lock for some reason.

To be on the safer side, it is better to install a battery operated security camera so that you can observe each and every move of strangers in the vicinity and thereby give them no chance to try out their theft skills on your house.