Women: The Object Of Man’s Attraction

Women: The Object Of Man’s Attraction

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We all are fed up with the boring and monotonous lifestyle of home to office and office to home. This cycle has been going on since time immemorial and everyone would naturally want to look for a respite.

In current times, it has become nearly impossible to take time out for families and friends with almost the entire day being spent in office or pay occasional visits to worksites to check on the official projects being given out.

Nearly half the break-ups between couples around the world are due to one not being able to take time out for the other.

When it comes to a boys vs girls discussion, there are numerous aspects in this scenario and it is difficult to say which one will triumph over the other.

Both have engaged in competition on the personal and professional front in order to show their side as the superior one.

It is a well known fact that we are living in a supposed male dominated, patriarchal society where women are shown as timid and docile and always subjected to physical and emotional tyranny and are ridiculed for being soft, both from the outside and inside.

Women are seen as proverbial doormats who are confined to their homes, their priority being taking care of the needs of husband, children and in-laws by cooking delicious food and doing all the household chores.

However, times have changed when it comes to the topic of women’s liberation both for the better and worst.

Today, girls, right from a young age, are outspoken, outgoing, bubbly, lively and cheerful.

What’s more, they are much more comfortable and feel at home when hanging out with the opposite sex and not at all hesitant to cross the line with them, infact they welcome it with open arms, quite literally.

Women, right from adolescence, have no qualms in lying to their parents about going to college, but are out wiling away their time in theatres, restaurants, discos and night clubs.

They are out for hours and hours and return home late at night without any worry or fear of facing their parents’ wrath.

Today, it is the girls who make that meaningful first move at boys whom they deem worthy of them whereas the boys have taken the backseat and hesitant to go beyond a hello or hi.

It has been found out, through a survey, that Canada is the country with the maximum population of girls outshining boys both in personal lives and also at the work front.

Toronto has topped the list of cities in Canada which has the best discos and nightclubs for boys and girls to hang out with and one where business is booming and how.

As mentioned above, girls have become more outspoken of their desires than boys but it doesn’t mean that the latter have given up, at least not without putting up a good fight.

There can be no better place than the nightclub where wayward, spoilt brats of elite people, who are frustrated in with their lives and are always on the lookout for a bit of adventure with that missing spark to spice up their lives.

Nightclubs are full of hot, sexy and attractive damsels who have taken to bar dancing as a profession due to circumstances beyond their control.

Boys are well aware that girls are just as desperate as them when it comes to satisfying the sexual hormones raging inside them. Not that there is anything wrong in it, its just that both have to be prepared for the consequences of their outcome.

Its natural for both sexes to feel this way at that age but as long as they are mature enough to understand what lies in store and they are prepared to handle it, they have nothing to worry about.

The first conversation in nightclubs, after initial pleasantries, begin with drinks and the bottle service at Toronto clubs are considered the best where they provide exotic cocktail of alcoholic beverages.

They guarantee the best service just for the tip before the main course. But boys just don’t pluck up the courage to just ask any one attractive girl out amongst the thousands in the club.

So, today we are going to talk about certain secret tips to attract the attention of women in a nightclub:

  • Dress neatly to suit the occasion: As the old saying goes, ‘first impression is the last impression’ make sure that you are dressed in your best suit and jeans to blend yourself into the nightclub environment. Naturally, you would want to look the best of the lot so that the girls notice you but it should not be overdone.

  • Confidence: Another important point is that you should not be nervous but should be confident in your style and speech. Never stammer in front of a girl and mind your body movements otherwise she would be put off. Don’t make a fool of yourself by constantly ruffling your hair or adjusting your clothes.
  • Make your choice: Bear in mind that the women are of different types and mindsets, each layered and varied from the other. Just avoid making any proposal if she is surrounded by her friends, especially if it includes boys. Then you are in danger of being friend-zoned by her so make your move wisely.
  • Take rejection sportingly: It is inevitable that you may face rejection on the first attempt but be mentally prepared for it in advance and don’t take it to heart when she says no. If things don’t work out, try out another club in the vicinity as you should never compromise on your self-respect and keep on pestering women in your quest to make out with them. They may misinterpret your advances and equate it to stalking, which may prove costly for you.

So there you have it, certain tips to ask out a women in a nightclub. The path to love is never easy but you are certain to reach your goal if you are sincere, honest and dedicated in your efforts with a dash of patience, persistence and perseverance added for good measure.