Xiaomi Redmi- Phone Back Cover Removal

Xiaomi Redmi- Phone Back Cover Removal

Where do we stand today as a nation? What are the factors that contribute to nation building and what steps are to be taken to achieve those ends? What role do the youth play in this regard?

These are the questions that pop up every now and then when we talk about such matters that are of extreme importance to all of us and while this may sound alarming, it is true that the youth itself is completely disinterested when it comes to patriotism as they believe that it is the last refugee of a scoundrel.

The paramount thing in their minds is to get utmost satisfaction and peace and they don’t want it through meditation and spiritualism but through entertainment. The topics that rouse their interest and curiosity the most are expensive cars, smartphones, hanging out with friends, to cast a lasting impression on the opposite sex and covet them, to name a few.

You may find it strange to read this but it is the ultimate truth that working hard and becoming responsible citizens in their society is the very last thing on their mind, atleast at that adolescent age.

Sadly, by the time they realize that life is not the bed of roses it is made out to be it is far too late. Inevitably, there comes a time when it hits them like a ton of bricks that their parents are no longer feasible to support them financially as they have done so till now.

There is no denying the fact that their parents don’t treat them with an iron hand on necessary occasions but give them leniency even in critical situations, which their kids take as their weakness and that is where things start to spiral out of control.

Today, when there is cut throat competition all over the world in all the fields be it jobs, business, entertainment, sports, etc. it is high time that the youth brigade come to their senses and start taking life seriously.

Well, this argument can go on and on without any definitive conclusion so lets just put the matter to rest. This topic can be covered up some other day and going on about it is akin to flogging a dead horse.

We were talking about smartphones and the latest brands and models that rule the roost today.

A mobile phone can be considered, in today’s times, to be the best friend of common man today and existing without it is nearly impossible to imagine, given the circumstances.

The first mobile was launched in the 1980s and people were quite astounded to see a device that was smaller than their hands but through which you could communicate with your near and dear ones who were sitting thousands of miles away. What’s more, they were wireless as well and this is what worked in their favor but today they have been rendered obsolete.

Why so? What happened that these wireless mobile phones, that brought in a revolution are today seen as old school devices with little to no significance for anybody, least of all the younger generation?

Well, a lot of things contribute to this and one doesn’t even know where to begin with given the complexity of the topic which is hard to understand for simple individuals who may not be familiar with the latest gadgets given their lack of interest and understanding of technology.

The touchscreen models became a rage in the late 2000s and numbered keys were no longer necessary to speak to anyone but just a simple touch of the finger did the trick.

Today, the brand of smartphone that is considered to be the best amongst all is the redmi which is owned by the Chinese company Xiaomi, which was founded way back in 2013.

It has spanned 7 years and 8 models, each surpassing the previous in features and agility and getting better and better with every new launch, the results of which can be seen as Xiaomi has become a leading brand today in the global market.

While we are on the subject of redmi note smartphones, it is impossible not to mention their back cover. But why? Why is it so important?

Well, frankly the back cover plays a very important role here as it protects the device from harm and prevents it from breaking due to fall and acts as a shield along with the screen guard that is used to cover up the screen and shield it from dirt and stains.

Redmi Note 9 pro back cover has been considered the best of all until now as it has proven to be quite competent in its job and a recently conducted survey found out that it was through this cover that the mobile phone was completely safe from damage and with the least number of cracks that occurred due to the device hitting the hard ground.

However, there were certain situations that did not act in its favor as the back cover was proven to be too hard on the surface as the users were not able to remove it even after repeated tries.

So today, we are going to talk about how to remove the back cover of a smartphone without tools as they have been found to do far more damage than help while trying to pry out the back cover.

Given below, are some important tips on how to do so:

  • Start out with the main screen with a key one logo
  • Now, remove the sim card with the help of a pointed tool. Take care it should not be any pointed tool as that can be damaging but the specific one designed just for sim card removal
  • Try heating the top of the phone so that it can melt it up and the plastic cover is easy to pry out
  • Use your finger with long nails to remove the plastic cover and if proven futile, try out a matchstick
  • Remove the screws
  • Remove the plastic top by sliding it off
  • Finally, remove the battery cover from the rear end