Zelda Link to the Past Walkthrough – Misery Mire

Zelda Link to the Past Walkthrough – Misery Mire

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Level Six is in Misery Mire in the southwest end of the Dark World. Getting there also requires an object you’ll need from the opposite direction.

Return to Death Mountain in the Light World and the Tower of Hera. To the west of the tower is a long bridge – read the stone on the other end with the Book of Mudora to get the Ether Medallion. Remember, you couldn’t get this after finishing the Tower of Hera because you didn’t have Master Sword yet. True, you could have returned at any time after getting the Sword, but did you really want to return to Death Mountain before it was really necessary?

Now return to the Thieves Town in the Dark World. There’s a ruined old house where the Blacksmith’s shop would be, with a chest inside. Carry it with you all the way to the canyon west of the swamp. Teleport back to the Light World in the far west end of the canyon, within the stakes, and you’ll be on top of a hill. On the west end of the hill is another stone that, when read, will give you the Bombos Medallion. (This one isn’t completely necessary to finish the game.) Jump off the hill and head for the sleeping man in the canyon. He will open the chest for you, giving you the fourth Bottle.

Even though you’re right next to the desert, have the duck transport you to the desert. He’ll drop you off on the hillside you need to be. Lift the right stone and step through the gate into Misery Mire.

In the mire, head to the very northeast corner, where there’s a crevasse of dry land. Use the Mirror and you’ll be in a small canyon with a large rock. Under the rock is a cave with a block puzzle and a Heart Piece. Return to the mire, where you’ll see two head-like structures in the northwest end. Inside the left one are two chests surrounded by blocks. Get the Rupees in the right chest fist, then you can get the Heart Piece in the left one. A healing fairy is in the right structure.

Now approach the altar between the two structures. See that symbol that looks like the Ether Medallion? Stand on it and use Ether. The rain will stop and the entrance to Level Six will appear.

After crossing the hole with the Hookshot near the entrance and going down the first flight of stairs, you’ll have the Wizzrobes to deal with. You must take them out with the other monsters (while avoiding the statue’s beams) to open the north door. Now the real maze begins. Starting in the southeast corner, go down the steps and make your way to the door in the northeast corner. Go east from there to find the Stalfos and another statue. There’s a key under one of the skulls, and the one within the spikes has a switch to find another key (use the Magic Cape to avoid the spikes). Open the locked door to the north, avoid the steps you’ll see in the next room and follow the path north and west. In the room with the Wizzrobes and spikes, the northwest corner has another key under the skull and a crystal to change the posts and head south. Using a key and the Cape, head south and east back to the main maze room.

You can now reach the skull on the mesh catwalk and hit the switch to get another key. Open the locked door in the southwest end of the room. The monsters in the next room have another key, then continue east. You must next light the torches to open the north door but watch out for the tiles. Get the Compass then head back south, all the way until you find the stairs up. There are four torches combined in the next two rooms. Push the blocks to reach the torches and quickly light them all. The wall in the east room will then move to reveal a hole in the floor. Jump down the hole to find the Big Key.

The teleporter in the next room will take you to the room with the Big Door, but we’re not ready to open it yet. Return to the maze room and take the eastbound door in the southeast corner. Continue east to the room with the long platform in the middle. You must get on and then cross the platform before it crumbles completely – use the Hookshot on the block to help you. Even at normal speed, you can get across and avoid the eye-beams to reach the Big Chest, which holds the Cane of Somalia. Go west to (finally) get the Map, then return to the room with the Big Door. Go through the teleporter behind it and open the second Big Door you come to, cross the wooden bridge, and go down the stairs.

In the west end of the darkroom, the switch under the skull opens the shutters. It’ll close if you step off of it, but the Cane of Somalia will create a block that can hold it down. Continue south and west to the room with the maze path. Once you clear it, don’t take the west door until you change the crystal in the north end of the room (use the Boomerang or Hookshot). Bomb the north wall in the next room to reach another crystal that will let you continue west. When you reach the lighted room, hit the crystal in the far north end before taking the stairs up. From there, it’s a straightforward path to the boss.

Vitreous will send its many small eyes at you. Hack at them when they approach to destroy them, but keep watch on the big eye – it will occasionally pop out of the muck and shoot lightning. The small eyes shouldn’t be taken lightly, as they cause major damage. Once they’re all gone, the big eye will come charging at you. Hack away until it’s gone leaving you the sixth maiden. 

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