Zerg Scouting Secrets

Zerg Scouting Secrets

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In Starcraft 2, scouting is essential to winning the game. When you know what your opponent is strategizing, you can alter your strategy and change your build based upon that information. If you truly want to become a Diamond League ranked player, you will need to develop and eventually master scouting. For instance, with advanced scouting, you will forsee the rush attack way before they’re at your doorstep and it is inevitable you’re going to lose. You will have the foresight to defend your units and counterattack in an intelligent way. For the most complete techniques for Starcraft 2, take a look at these SC2 Guide Reviews.

Scouting is probably most crucial for the Zerg, since they are so highly specialized. A great general strategy is to always harass your enemy while you also scout him. You will not only be able to figure out what your opponent is strategizing, but you will have the chance to slow his construction down, giving you intelligence for what you have to construct for a counterattack. Mutalisks should be used in conjunction with Zerglings as a means of adequately annoying your enemy while you scout him out.Be certain to combine what you discover from your spies with these Zerg macro tactics so you can really take advantage of your newfound knowledge. This will give advantage in the game so when you visit an FPS trackers website, you will definitely see good results.

By scouting early on in the game, you probably will not find out a lot about your foe’s tech tree. However it will allow you to find out if you are going to be ambushed soon. For example, if you’re scouting Terrans and they have a finished Refinery up before they have built their Barracks, you’ll probably be attacked by Reapers. When you are fighting Protoss and you learn that they’re finished with two Gateways, but the Cyber Core is not yet complete, and they have no vespine gas available, you can be cetain you will be infiltrated by a Zealot rush.

To ensure that you aren’t rushed have your Overlord do early scouting, not your Drones. However, it is a good idea to dispatch in a Drone scout if your Overlord is not able to discover the enemy base, especially in close air positions with 4 player maps. A surefire method that can be used vs. every species in the war is to dispatch in one or two Drones to your opponent’s base to investigate in the early stages of the war. Once they are threatened by the prospect of being terminated, build an extractor inside your foe’s headquarters. Each and every time your tries to attack it, cancel it out and simply spawn a new one. By doing this plan, you will reduce your opponent’s technology upgrades by tying up their gas. It is important to note that you have to abort the Extractors extremely quickly so you can prevent a 75 mineral loss – the elimination of both the Drone and the Extractor. Read more about these and more strategies in Joana’s Starcraft 2 guide review.